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Log In and Menu Guide

Thank you for choosing Net Atlantic to send your email newsletters. This document provides instructions to get you started quickly.

Logging Into Your List

Go to the Net Atlantic Login Page or if you know the address, you can go directly to your mail server URL address.

Here is the Login Page welcome screen. Enter your username and password as shown below, your password is case sensitive:

Net Atlantic Login

The Menus Explained

    You can navigate between the major areas of ListManager by clicking on one of the Navigation bar tabs.
  • Home
  • Select the Home tab to return to the Homepage.
  • Quick Start
  • Use this to quickly add subscribers, create a mailing, and view reports
  • Calendar
  • Select the Calendar tab to view, schedule, and edit your events and mailings.
  • Members
  • Use the Members tab to add, import, find, edit, and delete members. For more information about members, see Members -- Overview.
  • Content
  • Use the Content tab to create, view, copy, and delete content. For more information about content, see Content.
  • Segments
  • Use the Segments tab to create, view, copy, and delete segments. For more information about segments, see Segments.
  • Mailings
  • Use the Mailings tab to create, view, copy, test, schedule, approve, or delete mailings. For more information about mailings, see Mailings.
  • Reports
  • Use the Reports tab to view reports for a mailing, for example the progress and how successful the mailing is. In addition, you can view clickthrough statistics, and information about your membership. For more information about reports, see Reports.
Net Atlantic Login Net Atlantic Login